Casa EntreArcos Eco-Boutique arises from a desire to change paradigms, in which the relationship

with guests generates an emotional bond with the house, the environment and a more respectful vision of life.

Our lodging offers, in its 8 rooms, as well as in all the common areas, accommodation of an Eco Boutique Hotel.

A desire that Pilar and Sinisa, an intercultural couple, impregnate with the fusion of three essential values that come together in the project: sustainability, human warmth and change of concepts, as points of union to build a different place.

By staying at EntreArcos you are part of a unique environment where the development of the set of local experiences marks the goal of the experience, recharging energy in a space where silence and rest accompany you throughout your stay.

Our rooms

Just as nature is free and unparalleled, the decoration of each room is unique.

However, they all have a common link: contact with nature through recycled furniture and 100% natural textiles, in earthy colors, evoking calm, balance and harmony.

Choosing EntreArcos is to get in tune with nature and with yourself

We have a vital commitment to the project, making use of products that generate a low impact on the environment, giving a second life to the products, and promoting the creations of local artists.

EntreArcos is a different rural house

different in the center of Vejer with

characteristics of a boutique hotel