At EntreArcos we have the firm belief that if we do not advocate for taking care of our planet, in a few years it will not be as we know it today. Therefore, we are increasingly aware of the importance of integrating gestures in our daily lives that allow us to positively impact, or at least slow down, the deterioration in which we are influencing so directly.

Recycling, reusing objects, using public transportation... We apply these habits in our daily lives, but what about on vacation? How do we integrate these necessary changes of patterns? do we maintain them, or do we tend to relax them?

In our Casa Entrearcos Eco-Boutique, we try to facilitate that these new patterns are also maintained during our leisure time, offering our guests all the resources to integrate this concept during their stay as a way of interacting within our home. EntreArcos identifies and merges with the environment, with the roots and the imprint of Vejer de la Frontera. EntreArcos is part of the local landscape, being in harmony and synergy with the natural elements, and with the people and roots that make up this area of the region of Cadiz.


When designing and building our Eco-Boutique EntreArcos house, we have established environmental, social and cultural principles as fundamental parameters.

Pilar and Sinisa have prioritized eco-sustainable and bioclimatic construction, seeking to reduce heating and air conditioning consumption as much as possible, replacing it with sustainable and environmentally friendly air conditioning systems.

The entire house is clad and decorated with lime mortar and graphene, lime paints, ecological, and certified 100% breathable, with natural dyes, eliminating as much as possible the use of chemicals. Both the furniture and textiles used are 100% of organic and vegetable origin, avoiding anything of animal origin.


At EntreArcos Casa Eco-Boutique, we have a vital commitment to the values project, defending products that generate a low impact on the environment, and giving a second life to recycled materials, such as wood, and encouraging creations and personalized and unique designs.

To this end, we plan to create traveling exhibitions that can be enjoyed in each space of the house, where local artisans and the region can exhibit and publicize their art in our home. In this way we encourage the joint interaction of enjoying a permanently alive and different accommodation, and the projection of products and artistic elements of the area.

If our guests repeat the experience in our establishment, they will find an interactive and moving space, in which the decoration will always have different nuances.


EntreArcos establishes as its raison d'être the respect for the natural environment. We strive not to pollute in an invasive and disrespectful way, advocating to support the culture of the area, and always trying to be in tune with the environment of Vejer de la Frontera.

We base most of our energy consumption in renewable energies, and we use low consumption lighting in each of our rooms, along with the use of motion sensors to illuminate the spaces when our guests need it, and timing the hours of ambient lighting. In addition, we have a system to optimize the use of sanitary hot water (DHW) based on recirculation.

In our Eco-Boutique House, you will be able to make a waste separation, with the objective of separating all those products that can be recycled.

In EntreArcos we are committed to the soil and natural aquifers of Vejer de la Frontera, so we use natural cleaning products with low impact. This premise is applied to the cleaning of the facilities, the washing of our textiles and kitchenware, as well as in the personal hygiene products (amenities) that we offer to our guests, using ecological products.


In EntreArcos, we contribute to the development of the community by supporting local businesses and producers (artisans, artists, restaurants, suppliers and farmers). We promote and work in cooperation with organic food, with local and seasonal products, and with the development and support of activities that generate the cultural and artistic movement of the region of La Janda and the Alcornocales Park.

All amenities or personal hygiene products, which you will use during your stay, are of natural and sustainable origin, developed manually by artisans in the area, or recognized brands in the market, working under this premise of non-chemical, and recycled.

In EntreArcos we offer our guests a breakfast menu with breads and sweets from the area, made by artisan hands, and following the gastronomic traditions of Vejer de la Frontera. Our guests, will have during their stay different options adapted to various diets and food concepts.


In our Casa EntreArcos Eco-Boutique we are very aware that according to the WTO, tourism is responsible for 5% of global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Of this percentage, the carbon footprint of hotel establishments accounts for 20% of total emissions, basing these percentages of intervention, among other factors, in the use of old heating and air conditioning systems, refrigeration in unsustainable cold processes, and air conditioning used in swimming pools and spa areas, among many other parameters that contribute directly, currently, to the persistent deterioration of our planet.

At EntreArcos Casa Eco-Boutique we strive every day to make sure that our guests' stay during their vacation has the least possible impact on our world. In this way, the planet we know today will live many more years and will be a better and healthier place for our future generations.

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